Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Dreadful Warning

Among the bookmarks I added to my Delicious account earlier today were links to Amazon and ABEbooks. Later in the afternoon I showed my Delicious bookmarks to a friend (and by 'showed' I mean I called her over to look at my computer screen), and she said 'I hope those aren't links directly into your account'.

They were.

I'm sure other people are more sensible, but I felt the need to confess my folly.


  1. Saw this and had to stop what I was doing to double-check. Even if you are signed into amazon when you save a book reference, when somebody else sees that reference, it only gives the reference, it does not sign them into your account. I've saved you an example in delicious, on the road, which i saved when i was signed in to amazon. You're right to be cautious with this stuff, you can never be too careful!

  2. Yes, one has to be very alert with all these different accounts, and access privileges. But I would also assume that unless the username/password combination is in the URL (which would be very stupid of any site to do) there shouldn't be an issue. Even if it contains your username, people would still need your password as well.

  3. I may have jumped to conclusions earlier. It may just have been because of the cookies on my computer that the Delicious link took me straight into my account. What do you think?

  4. I just followed Bill's delicious link and went into my own account -- which suggests it is a cookies thing..