Saturday, 14 February 2009

Blogs I Read (1)

I am originally from Northern Ireland, and I like to keep in touch with what's going on back at home. I used to read a satirical website called The Portadown News (now decommissioned: see, and one time, when I didn't understand an allusion on TPN, I googled for the answer. This led me to Slugger O'Toole (, to which I have ever since been addicted. Slugger, subtitled 'Notes on Northern Ireland Politics and Culture', is one of the liveliest blogs I know of, with several new postings every day and comments sometimes running into the hundreds. I enjoy it enormously and have learnt a lot from it, but have never yet commented on any of the postings. This is probably, in part, because I don't (yet) have the interactive mentality. It is also because Slugger, like many political blogs, strikes me as a very male environment and I feel more comfortable there as a reader than as an active participant.


  1. Gillian, I notice your tags are all as one; you need to separate them by commas when entering them! Happened to me as well...

  2. Yes, it does look interesting, perhaps pointing up the importance of a strong voice - which means having a clear purpose for blogging.

    I challenge you to go to Slugger O'Toole and comment, Gillian - you're a blogger yourself now - and make some inroads into that fortress of maleness...

  3. OL, thanks for the advice! The first time I added tags I did put in commas and it looked wrong; but then not putting them in looked wrong too. I'm only too happy to benefit from collaborative learning.

    Bill --- maybe! I have some way to go yet.