Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Blogging: What can go wrong?

Lots, of course. Here's one blog I find mildly irritating: http://bloggingtherenaissance.blogspot.com/. I hoped it would do what it says on the tin: and it doesn't. Or at least, it doesn't as much as I would like it to. And I don't quite share the sense of humour. I'll keep the URL on my favourites, but I'm not tempted to subscribe.


  1. Early modern jokes, eh! Ho ho. On the blog logo (a 'blogo'?) it says 'early modern topics and whatever else we want' - i suspect it's the latter that falls flatter...

    Oh, and we'll see if we can't prise you away from those old-style 'favourites' next session ;)

  2. So Web 1.0, aren't they? But then so am I -- as I warned you in my first posting!

    Seriously, bloggingtherenaissance is not the sort of stuff I want to have cluttering up my Google Reader, but I do want to have the reference just in case. What's better than using Favourites?