Thursday, 26 February 2009

Delicious -- second report

Another thing I did, in my dutiful way, was to look up our network and scroll through the bookmarks that we've been putting up so far. Not surprisingly, most of them are Bill's, and I promise I'll look up the clever e-learning sites before too much longer.

But here's the spooky thing. The first bookmark which I actually clicked on was the link to Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes ( When I looked down the page, the one of the podcasts was filed under the name of someone I knew when I was a graduate student but hadn't seen or heard of for over 10 years. I clicked on the link, but this podcast is a soundfile only, and I couldn't tell for sure just from the voice whether this was the same person. So I did a bit of googling, and after a few minutes searching established to my own satisfaction that it was the same person, though now working in a wholly different field from when I knew her. I'd often wondered what had happened to her, and now, thanks to our course, I've found out.

I'm now wondering whether I should get in touch.


  1. Brilliant - it's a weird wild and wonderful world isn't it!

    If you add the 'polling' gadget to your blog, you could ask the rest of us to vote on your dilemma.

  2. That would be fun ... If I did this, would people who are following my blog be alerted to the poll in the same way that they are to new posts? And would the poll have to attach to the blog as a whole, or could it be linked to the post in which I explain the dilemma?

  3. Just write a new post, and in that link to this one here.