Monday, 23 March 2009

My Weekend (3)

And then of course, there was the rugby. Which I missed watching, because I was in London. But I heard the glad tidings when I was on the train home on Saturday evening, and phoned my parents to rejoice.

I don't particularly like or understand rugby, but it's about the only sport in which I feel I have a team. And this was a long-overdue achievement.


  1. Rugby is still something of a mystery to me. Like cricket... I think I'll stick to football! But apparently it was a grand achievement, not having happened since about 1948 or so my father-in-law told me.

  2. 1948 is exactly right. Which meant, pleasingly, that some (by now very elderly) members of the last grand-slam-winning team lived to see the day.

    When I was at school, I regarded rugby as loathsome. The school team regarded rugby as a religion and themselves as gods. This was all the more irritating since they were not a good team. When, the year after I left, they survived into the second round of the Schools' cup, life must have been unbearable.

    But nowadays I see all these things through the gently nostalgic, rose-tinted lenses of the ageing ex-pat.